Welcome to the WDSF ID-Card Section!

To apply for your personal WDSF ID-Card start here.

Why a WDSF ID-Card?

The WDSF is growing from year to year and the amount of athletes taking part at WDSF competitions is at a point where the administrative efforts are getting overwhelming.

To solve this problem the WDSF has decided to issue ID-Cards to all of their active athletes.

This ID-Cards will give you the following advantages:

  • You won't have to sign the "AntiDoping Form of Consent" at the competition anymore.
  • Your registration and check-in procedures will be much quicker.
    It won't be neccesary to have your passport or national ID-Card on you for identification at a competition.
  • Your name will always appear correctly in the results.
  • Your world ranking points will always be assigned as they should.
  • You can show that you are a WDSF Athlete!

If you have any questions regarding the WDSF ID-Card please feel free to contact us.


National administrators can access the control panel here.